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PostPosted: 11 Jun 2004 06:32 pm    Post subject: Mike-K Reviews: Jim-n-Lisa – “Your Scientist’s Brain” Reply with quote

Song: Your Scientist’s Brain

Genre: Electronica -> Ambient

I’ve never listened to Jim-n-Lisa before and to me, they are newcomers to SoundClick from my point of view. Like Steve, I like newcomers and you never know what to expect. The genre this song has put into along with the title of the song, leaves much to your imagination. So, we know it’s supposed to be an Ambient Electronica tune. That’s what we expect…

This song is a mere 4:23 minutes long. The waves and the dripping water make me want to go pee. No – I am just kidding Laughing

It’s a nice soft opening to what turns out to be a quite relaxing song. It’s the kind of tune that will make you drift away in dreams and fantasies. Pure relaxation. The acoustic (western) guitar is played very nicely with notes that add to a melodic scheme that’s hardly noticeable.

The little and precious sound effects for this piece are just perfect. The spoken voice in the background adds to the mystique feeling of the whole composition. This is a very well thought-out piece and I am rarely impressed so much in the electronica world, where I just say WOW! But this particular piece has something, other electronica pieces do not have: a certain flair of the exotic mixed with an almost Spanish sounding guitar in a background of an African environment. This is what I call “lay back and relax music” in it’s perfection. Some people say the same about my tune “Ocean Breeze”, but it could never come close to this composition.

If, and I hope you will, you listen to this tune, you will agree that there are no comments necessary about the production of this beautiful arrangement. It’s masterfully produced and I will be enjoying this one for times to come!!!

That’s a wonderful tune and I enjoyed it more than you know. And I am sure that others will as well. A must listen!!!!

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