Jim-n-Lisa a review by R. Varela

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PostPosted: 02 Jul 2004 03:33 pm    Post subject: Jim-n-Lisa a review by R. Varela

Let me tell you, I have been mulling over this one for some time because, frankly, I am completely and utterly speechless!

Your Scientist's Brain
Found here

I'm gonna blurt out my only critique right now........

This piece is far too short, I feel short changed and left wanting to hear more!
Ok, there, I said it!

Now I'm just going to babble on like a fool in love........

I remember the advent of the digital age when CD's first came out, way back when and more significantly digitally masterd music.
One of my all time faves if not my very favorite recording of all time is Peter Gabriels Security!
I fell in love with music all over again the very first time I heard this work of art.....
It's simply the most brilliant compilation of music I have ever heard on one CD!

Well, I have "Your Scientist's Brain" on my hard drive and I have not stopped listening to it for the last few weeks. This song has the very same impact on me that Security had on me back in 1982!

Nothing, since then, as far as avant garde, ambeint audio landscape has had that impact on me until now.
Lyrics and music have moved me and brought tears to my eyes and voices have melted me from the likes of Mindy Smith, Damien Rice, Sharma Kay , Latmat, Mike K and Adama and many others recently and now I have another to add to this list of great experiences!

Sorry for the babbling, I just can't find the words to describe how this piece makes me feel right now any better than I attempted to do above!

9 out of 10 would have been 10 outta 10 but I'm being greedy, I would like to hear this piece finished in a classical sense.....

Once there was a Rey who had a Forum and a Song page with a Radio Station. who hung around at SoundClick.

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