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PostPosted: 13 Sep 2004 08:20 pm    Post subject: Steve Gilmore Reviews: Jim-n-Lisa - Your Scientist's Brain Reply with quote

Artist: Jim-n-Lisa
Title: Your Scientist's Brain
Link: Website OR Download

Fast gathering a very appreciative audience J-n-L have become a bit of the flavour of the month, and rightly so. Its always nice to see new people settling in and doing well but its especially pleasing that the artist(s) also choose to get involved in the forum life as well.

I absolutely loved the last Jim-n-Lisa track I reviewed, Is It Over; as classy a slice of acoustic pop as you'll find anywhere and a sure sign that in many ways Jim-n-Lisa are worth the fuss.If earlier tracks didn't convince you of their seriousness then this track certainly - nay definitely - will.

Your Scientist's Brain has gone into my all time 2004 favourites list without passing Go OR collecting its measly $200. What a splendid, brave track this is; a stripped down backing track provides a bed for some of the most melodic acoustic lead lines I've heard in a good while. Mike Kohlgraf is gonna eat his heart out when he hears this, money on it. This would be right up his street, complete with a couple of endearing and endlessly human fumbles. I'm one of these people who actually likes a couple of decent flaws in a track, gives it an extra spice if you know what I mean. Moreover, some of my best tracks - and some of yours too I suspect - have been the products of lucky accidents, sonic or otherwise.

Mind you, they are the kind of fumbles only another guitarist would spot so I'd say there's nothing to worry about. Besides that, listeners will be so blown away by what's happening in the track they probably wouldn't notice if the Second Coming had miraculously arrived. A track with an atmosphere that you could literally cut with a knife, with Your Scientist's Brain has elevated Jim-n-Lisa into a much higher status by my books - and will add to that expanding audience too. Musically, it's a slow, chill out track but with really superb touches - other than the killingly effective acoustic leads, of course - especially the waterdrums that dot the proceedings; and the well placed vocal sample that really adds to the overall effect.

Superb. Big kudos to you guys, you've given me my first J-n-L 'keeper'.

Steve Gilmore
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