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PostPosted: 08 Nov 2006 10:02 pm    Post subject: Smith Reviews: Jim'n'Lisa - Lovely Walkers


or the 192k file is available here:

This track is an interesting sonic excursion, tempered by some excellent engineering, intriguing synth patches, percussion effects, and of course, vocals and saxophone (a hallmark of these artists' recordings).

I'm reminded of some of Peter Gabriel's work on the "Birdy" soundtrack, and on some of his earlier albums.

The song chord structure is quite ominous, and the heavily modulated sounds are eerie and atmospheric. There is a distinct intent here to mess with the reference pitch and panning of the music, to confuse the listener and convey discomfort. "Spring is in the air, breezes in their hair" goes the vocals, sweetly sung, and juxtaposed against the impending doom of the minor key backing with its disconcerting bassline.

I just hope that the "lovely walkers" are now running, because the
guy in the trenchcoat with the binoculars up on the hill seems to have a rather large machete.

An immaculate track - moody and quite dark and disturbing in emotion.

I'm tipping my walking shoes can stay in the closet for a week or two longer.