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PostPosted: 15 Apr 2005 06:42 am    Post subject: :melv reviews: jim (of jim-n-lisa) - your scientist's brain

Your Scientist’s Brain
by Jim Miller (of Jim-n-Lisa)
Meditative and Sooooothing

It’s about time that I gave Jim an honoury review after he has practically single-handedly helped me to improve the sound of my songs 100%. Anyone who has noticed a change in my music over the turn of the year – it is mainly down to this man.

Jim (now a highly-acclaimed artist in the Soundclick world!) after Steve Gilmore awarded Jim-n-Lisa Artist of the Year for 2004 and also gave this track, Your Scientist’s Brain
, Track of the Year.

An experienced writer, Jim seems to write his tracks in the name of artistry – not aiming at any markets, not trying desperately to sound like anyone else, and he demonstrates this to perfection.

Throughout Your Scientist’s Brain, you just get the sense that it is pure emotion that is guiding this song along as it flows beautifully on its ambient backdrop of synths and drops of water.

A wonderfully performed acoustic guitar delicately and faultlessly floats along a path which you never know which way it will turn next, which is the whole beauty of this track.

One Listen Wonder or Musical Genius?
I could play this track just in the background of whatever I’m doing all day, it’s quite minimalist in terms of amount of instruments and with just the one melody and that’s why it’s so easy to listen to again and again.


Melodic Development (out of 20) 17
Vocals (out of 20) n/a
Instrumentation (out of 20) 19
Originality (out of 15) 13
Structure (out of 10) 8
Recording (out of 5) 5
Enjoyment (out of 5) 4
Unique Sound (out of 5) 4
Total (out of 100) 88
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